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As a life time member of weight watchers there are some things that you need to know before embarking on this journey without the help of the weight watcher staff.I have shared it with my Facebook friends and on Pinterest too.The points balance for my current and goal weight is the same, how can that be.

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The only thing that holds a lot of people back is the money needed to participate in programs like Weight Watchers.My husband and I look forward to the meals each night instead of feeling like we are on a diet.I have been doing ww for a while and there is some changes coming.

I used both the online calculator and the old WW Plan to figure my points and got 43 with the online calculator and 34 with the old WW plan.WW is a great program, when you follow it:) There is another free program that is just as good, with added options for your whole health, etc.I would always just calculate each ingredient separately, then add them together:).I found a site that gives you a list of the points you should have as you lose weight.I want to continue doing Weight Watchers while focusing on eating a lower fat diet and some more real foods in.Starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, Lima beans all have points.Come along to your local Weight Watchers meeting with Natalie.

The weight-watchers programs offer a whole range of support, guidance, creative ideas,free diets advice and recipes to those hoping to achieve their weight-loss goals.But it was helpful to me in the initial phases to have the actual weight watchers services.You really want to use all of the points allotted so as not to affect your supply.Enter user name and password to access Weight Watchers online.First, I would like to thank you for setting up this webpage.I did join the Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plans that somebody here (I think) recommended. HUGE help.No need to keep paying out for a service, and with WW you can maintain your healthy weight because you know how to make the right choices.I gained over 50 pounds with my first daughter and havent lost it all yet, and now im pregnant.:) I just dont want to gain another 50lbs.

The CDW Weight Watchers benefit is a partnership consisting of two components: access to special corporate pricing and a 50% subsidy of purchase price.I am looking into doing water areobics but cant do that until I get the knee high cast off in 3-6 weeks.The Weight Watchers way involves a number of options of joining in and losing weight in the best way for you.No food is completely off limits with the program but recently Weight Watchers started urging people to avoid processed foods.If I am allowed 26 daily points on points plus, how do I fill out the log.

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I was able to get back to my goal weight in 2011 by using the myfitnesspal app.You enter your current age, weight, and height into this calculator, not your goal weight.

The minimum daily point value for everyone regardless of the amount of weight to loose is 26.Just wanted to say that I have lost almost 30 pounds and I am 83 years old and not able to exercise.Calorie count will let you build a recipe and give you the nutritional info, which you can then enter into the points calculator.Hi any suggestions on how to figure points for the meals you cook at home with your own recipes.

Shrinking On A Budget Meal Plans are an inexpensive way to supplement following this free Weight Watchers Program.Thank you for this (: However I just wanted to make sure, is the point allowance calculator up to date.You can read more posts about weight loss and my journey here.Food Points values for restaurants and recipes and the formula used is not the exact same formula as provided by Weight Watchers.Ive been doing weight watchers for a couple of months now and I can confirm that the numbers I get from the links posted here are pretty darn close to the ones from weight watchers.I (and a lot of members at my meeting) think they are changing things for pregnancy.This is a good site to let people know they can do on their own without paying the amount they charge.

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I bet someone at La Leche League or another nursing program could give you calorie recommendations for that amount of nursing.I think I would be fine with the 7 extra, although I just switched from the old system to the new points plus this morning (lol).Losing weight is tough and in order to keep at it, we need a steady stream of motivation every day.Weight Watchers is an awesome program that helps you loose weight the healthy, safe way.

You can also follow my healthy recipes board on Pinterest to get meal ideas.I was just thinking about how in the world I was going to come up with the money to join Weight Watchers.I was going through this and your link to the PP calculator needs to be updated.

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I calculate home made foods by first calculating the individual ingredients, then totaling them all up at the end:).If you are currently enrolled in Weight Watchers through our health plan, you can take advantage of the WW Freestyle once your 18-week pass has expired.If you have already purchased Monthly Pass in your meeting room, use the Access Code printed on your Starter Voucher to complete the switch on our website.I would check with some past members about the old plan to verify your data.It gives free points values for foods (weight watchers plus) as well as restaurant dishes and their point values.

The fact that I can eat fruit or veggies at 0 points when I am feeling hungry really helps.Simple search with direct use of printable and online coupons.One way to do this is by using an application (app) on your phone.

Can anyone tell me how to calculate the number of daily points if I am on maintenance using the 2012 plan.I did weight watchers before and it was great just need to get motivated to do so again Ifind as you get older harder to loose thanks for posting this you are an angel.Thank you so much for the info. i love the recipes as well.: ).At the bottom of each product page they tell you how many WW point are in that product.I put my numbers in the points plus calculator and I get 56 points.I would really like to lose about 15lbs just for health reasons.

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I have never attempted WW but will be trying it, thank you for all your info much appreciated. x.

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